Seeking Evolution In Religions:

Rituals, customs, and traditions provide a bulk of false identity to a religion. If these are detached from all the religions, then we can see fundamentals of moral and righteous teachings are the same in each of them. Pathways to divinity are infused with words of morality and ethics, principles, and noble deeds. While overly…


When he fell terminally ill, Kabir decided to shift from Benares to Maghiyar, against the wishes of his followers. It was believed in those days (and even now) that if one dies in Benares, one goes straight to heaven, whereas death in Maghiyar leads straight to hell! Kabir’s disdain for religious hypocrisy and religious beliefs…


If one has understood God thru rituals and customs, then what has been understood is not God. Promod Puri

The message emanating from the House Of God remains the same. Church, Masjid and Mandir are just a nameplate. Promod Puri

Religious rituals are long on fear, miracles, and emotions, but short on reasons. promod Puri

A Few Drops Of Praise Takes Away Bitterness From Inapt Criticism. Promod Puri