Exploring Hinduism Beyond Rituals

By Promod Puri Moving beyond its rituals, customs, and traditions, my study on Hinduism explores the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of the religion and succinctly perceives its entirety. The depth and vastness of Hinduism touch every aspect of human observation and activity. And the consequence offers a meaningful perspective of the religion which recognizes the…

Hinduism Through Its Scriptures

Learn about the rich diversity of Hindu sacred texts – hymns, narratives, philosophical thought – and their interpretations.
This religion course introduces the rich and diverse textual sources from which millions of Hindus have drawn religious inspiration for millennia. The Bhagavad Gita has offered philosophical insights to a number of modern thinkers.

SAT-CHIT-ANANDA: The Ultimate Bliss

Question: Do you have an explanation of “Sat- chit- ananda?” Answer: “Sat-chit-ananda” is a three-word moral thesis or maxim which has several philosophical explanations based on Hindu spiritual understanding. In all these interpretations its cardinal message promises divine contentment and bliss. Peace, pleasure, and fulfillment in every aspect of life are the objectives one seeks….


by Promod Puri That it is just a matter of personal belief is a mindset and restricted understanding of religion. And one can be absolutely right within that perception. In fact, belief is the base on which fear, miracles, and emotions are developed and endorsed by the priest class of all the world religious orders….


Unlike some other religious orders, Hinduism does not have a centralized controlling authority to guide or to safeguard its values. Without any governing body, Hinduism over the centuries developed the “parmpara”(tradition) of establishing the institution of independent gurus, ‘swamis’ and ‘babas.’ However, looking at the disgraceful conduct of many of these so-called god’s men and…

Why India Must Know About Vaisakhi

Awake India, awake to his vision. Leave those caste barriers, acquire knowledge, be strong in body and be a Khalsa in spirit. Your religion doesn’t matter. Khalsa is a state of mind, not just a religion.   by Frank Hazur While Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi across India; rest of India wonders if it is about doing…

Fanatics Can Demolish Disgraced Kathua Temple

Before goons and fanatics (using the word Hindu for them disgraces sacred Hindu religion) demolish another mosque or church, they can go and bulldoze the Kathua temple, a disgraced structure now, and a symbol of national shame and stigma.   Till now it was a place of reverence and tranquility. But the temple’s sanctity and…

What Is Neologism And Why We Need It

Neologism means to introduce a new word or new senses of existing words. In its expanded definition neologism also involves “a new doctrine, especially a new interpretation of sacred writings”, according to the Dictionary.com.   Many rituals, customs, and traditions related to our religions need a review for their practicality in our ever-changing world culture….