Human beings are “the most
beautiful, intelligent and favorite
creation of God.”

Perhaps cats, dogs, donkeys, etc.,
and that bird in the sky
think the same.

Who knows!

And for that matter plants
and flowers have
the same pride.

Who knows!

Perhaps, He knows,
maybe not.

-Promod Puri

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  1. Who knows! May be Not! Superbly woven poetry Sir and tapping into the unknown with passion of the heart.

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  2. Promod Puri says:

    I seldom write poetry, thanks for the encouraging note.


  3. I remember reading this before, did you write anything similar previously? Deja vu!!


  4. Promod Puri says:

    yes, I did. That was part of an article on a similar subject. This is just in a verse form. I appreciate your remembering.


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