Creating Mindset views

By Promod Puri

Distorted, false, or unrealistic information twist our thinking. As of result, our perceptions are flawed.

The phenomenon produces “brain bubbles,” according to Kelly Lambert, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Richmond, in The Conversation.

The “bubbles” are not actually any physical formations in the brain. It is instead a metaphorical assumption, to suggest something symbolic but not existing.

When the brain bubbles burst, they corrupt our perception or thought processes. Staying in the real world or striving for rationality controls the development of brain bubbles that are otherwise responsible for distorted thinking.

Endeavoring for the true nature of things help brain circuits to function naturally in the evolution of fair and conscientious decisions.

Human brains are built for sophisticated and complex activity. It is in this role and treatment that a rational and “well-grounded” thinking can be groomed.

However, our simple thinking processes also play a significant role in keeping the brain functioning tuned up.

In the contemporary tech and virtual world, most of the very basic thinking processes are taken over by gadgets. For example, Roomba, the cleaning robot, or Alexa, Amazon’s cyber info help.

With these gizmos, “What is left for our brains to do!”

Keeping our brains active for easy tasks along with the gathering of real information and knowledge can help in forming rational and sound thoughts.

After all, thoughts influence our decisions. And the last kick starts our actions.

In a world where social, political, and religious opinions become our mindset views, these very views must be created only by rational approaches. They reside well in our cognitive senses that are not hijacked by thinking gadgets.


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