Progressive Hindu Dialogue


Progressive Hindu Dialogue is an initiative to explore, recognize and advance the rational, liberal and progressive nature of Hinduism. It is also a forum to debate the symbolic aspects of Hinduism’s rituals, customs, traditions and thoughts in an intelligent and prudent environment. In this dynamics the overall objective is to invigorate the continuity of Hinduism’s evolution with changing times.

Hinduism is not merely a religion or as it is often referred “a way of life”. It is a multi-disciplinary academy as well. It is a democracy of conflicting, contradicting and controversial thoughts and ideologies. As such it  recognizes diversity of thoughts which makes Hinduism liberal, secular and progressive.

It is in this spirit that the Progressive Hindu Dialogue finds a welcome residency in the wide open structure of Hinduism. The foundation of this structure goes back to Vedic times, or perhaps earlier, in the Sankhya School of Hinduism. The rationalist and liberal thought in Hinduism is the very basis of Sankhya School which is one of the several ancient Hindu faculties infusing diversity in the theological philosophies of the religion.

Sankhya in Hindi or Sanskrit means number. In this empirical meaning Sankhya seeks rationality as demonstrated by numeric equation 2+2=4. It rejects 2+2=5. In other word a concept has to go thru rational examination before being accepted or rejected.

Consequent to Hinduism rational and democratic framework the management of the self thru ethical conduct of life is what we call a way of life. Our commitment toward the well being of the society and its reconstruction with changing times are part of this management.

Progressive Hindu Dialogue seeks a contributing role in this management.

Promod Puri: Editor and Website Manager