By Promod Puri Not all Hindus belong to the BJP, nor does BJP represent Hinduism in its spiritual sense. It is with these thoughts I remember saffron-clad Swami Agnivesh, who fought for social justice on his Hindu turf instead under the Hindutva ideology of the BJP. Swami Agnivesh, 81, who died September 11, 2020, in…


As there are no matter-of-fact inspired utterances attributed to the Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses, except Lord Krishan thru his Gita sermons, the symbolic representation of each of them thru their statued or graphic images convey a lot of interpretations covering their collective or individual roles which appeal to varied and reverent prayers and…


If one has understood God thru rituals and customs, then what has been understood is not God. Promod Puri

The message emanating from the House Of God remains the same. Church, Masjid and Mandir are just a nameplate. Promod Puri

Religious rituals are long on fear, miracles, and emotions, but short on reasons. promod Puri

A Few Drops Of Praise Takes Away Bitterness From Inapt Criticism. Promod Puri

Moments, events or karmas are not created by destiny or God, but by the man himself. Promod Puri

Studies in religions are more relevant and meaningful than trumpeting “hurt sentiments.” Promod Puri