Lord Krishna in “Stri-Vesha”

One of Lord Krishan’s many Leelas is that of “stri-Vesha”, dressing up in woman’s clothing. This can be seen in temples, songs, and paintings. Some stories say that the ‘Gopis’ exhausted by Krishan’s pranks, dressed him up as a girl to “punish him. To their surprise Krishna enjoyed it. In other stories, Radha and Krishna…

Radhey Krishna Painting Portrays Love

Artist: Tejpal Singh Mann, Surrey,BC,Canada This painting is called “Radhey Krishna” . It is included in the album “Jin Prem Keeyo,Tin Hee Prabhu Paayo”. It depicts Radha and Krishna at Vrindavan in and around the banks of the Yamuna river. Radha Krishna are the zenith of an ideal love.Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Lord Visnu….