He Fought to Uproot Caste System

Dr. Bhumirao Ramji Ambedkar was a fearless and dedicated soldier who fought to uproot casteism fromambedkar the contaminated soil of India’s social and religious culture.

Combating religious wrongs is more challenging than tackling other social, economic and political issues. Ambedkar was one of those rare personalities in the history of humankind who consciously ruffled with religious sensitivities. 

 With his intellect, knowledge and rational understanding of the religion Ambedkar confronted with and impeached the Hindu establishment for its treatment of the Dalits and Untouchables. He awakened the dormant consciousness of the oppressed class who otherwise resigned themselves to the act of fate. 

 Unlike in Mahabharta, Ambedkar fought the battle against evils thru nonviolent strategies.

 When India got Independence and Ambedkar being the principle author of the nation’s constitution and holding the law portfolio in the cabinet, Untouchability was declared unlawful. 

After centuries of hitherto unchallenged and illegal authority relating to human rights violations, Manusmriti in terms of laws of India became illegal overnight. 

 Granting equality does not mean justice. But legalities were put in place. Special privileges for the under privileged members of the society were enshrined in the constitution to break the shackles of virtual economic and social slavery, and to free the Dalits and Shudras from the humiliating social disorder.

Ambedkar in fact was an inspiration for the progressive Hindu mind, a guide for the rationalist and reformist Hindu, an advocate of women rights, and almost a messiah for lowest of the low who for the first time felt some hope of freedom from their dehumanized status.

Ambedkar helped in the revamping of the Hindu society. He was posthumously honored with India’s highest civil award of Bharat Ratna in 1990.

Excerpts from “Hinduism beyond rituals,customs and traditions“.

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