DIWALI MUBARAK is my choice of greetings on the happy occasion of Diwali, the universal festival of lights. In the picture Canada’s  prime minister Justin Trudeau lighting the traditional Diwali lamp along with India’s High Commissioner Vikas Swarup and members of the Indo-Canadian community in Ottawa October 16, 2017.  The prime minister in his tweet greeted Canadians “Diwali Mubarak”.

“In the secular and progressive spirit of Hinduism, Diwali is the voluminous festival of celebrations. Inspired by the epic drama Ramayan, Diwali is a celebration of good over evil, and forces of light over darkness. It is a celebration of the relationship, support, and sacrifice of family members and friends. It is a celebration of facing obstacles with vigor and strength. It is a celebration of the rule of law, peace, and prosperity”. excerpt from Hinduism beyond rituals, customs, and traditions

By Promod Puri


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  1. We need to shed our ego and darkness so that the spirit of tolerance triumph. Like you said. it’s about choice and makes our Diwali colorful. Happy Diwali Sir to you and family.

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