Mega-Havan: What A Nonsense

Precious woods for a mega-Havan are being burnt in Uttar Pradesh, India, when the poor are desperately looking for some fuel for cooking. In this ritual protein-rich ghee is also used in very large quantities, rather it can be given to malnourished poor children for their growth. All the Havan stunts are being performed in the name of purification of the atmosphere, but these rituals definitely add to more pollution.
-Promod Puri, author Hinduism Beyond Rituals,Customs And Traditions

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  1. Pankaz91 says:

    I Mean , Like Really,So That Means Pubs,Bars azhans, Super fast cars, Uncontrollable industrial wastege, Consumerism are cleaning atmosphere and chanting Name of God and Burning Some cleansers is increasing pollutants in the air, then please let the air be more polluted

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  2. It’s such an eyesore with such dimwitted person doing havans and goes beyond the so-called purification while the poor could have been fed. In the name of God! They must be so happy! We are famous with such stunts and the number of fruits that we waste as offerings.

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  3. Pankaz91 says:

    Hahahahaha, That’s a Joke Did You Know That if all the Rich people Sacrifice their Money to fed the People ,It Will last only for a week,after that their will be No Rich to feed Some lazy, atheists and the Unfortunate but Unfortunately it will be endless hunger all over their,and People Who are against chanting the Mantras are mostly the people Who Uses headphones everywhere even in the toilets ,So Clean the Mind because when an act happen in not only distort space but time also.The havan will refresh the values which are lost in today’s world.The people Who use headphones can’t hear cries women Raped on the Roadside But the Existence could here that,Mantras will wake up that Sleeping Spiritual Lion who will kill all the Poors,Or in other words the poverty,So don’t give any Psuedo Logic For the Sake of the Nation,Let the Nation Revive it’s Original Human Values

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