Should Politics Be Separate From Religion

“Politics and religion must be kept separate” is an acknowledged doctrine in secular and democratic-socialist systems. But there are elements in most religions that are liberal, secular, and democratic. For these reasons, politics can incorporate religion in its order, whereas religion can keep its sanctity if the “dirty politics” stay out of it.

It is a fact that the laws of the land with their universal application have been constituted from religious teachings to institute political ideologies.

Barack Obama cites that “The Majority of great reformers in American history were not only motivated by faith but repeatedly used religious language to argue for their cause”.
In his political activism, Rev. Martin Luther King advocated “that the spiritual practices of prayer and worship must be translated into concern for the poor and vulnerable”.
He urged fellow Americans “Work to defeat racism, speak out in principled opposition to war and combat poverty with enlightened and compassionate public policy.” Read the complete article

Religion Has Guiding Role In Politics

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