Exploring Hinduism Beyond Rituals

aboutbookfeatureBy Promod Puri

Moving beyond its rituals, customs, and traditions, my study on Hinduism explores the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of the religion and succinctly perceives its entirety.

The depth and vastness of Hinduism touch every aspect of human observation and activity. And the consequence offers a meaningful perspective of the religion which recognizes the universal connectivity existing in nature.

My book, Hinduism Beyond Rituals, Customs And Traditions, is not an academic research paper, nor is it an attempt to be motivational to offer teachings in the faith. It is delving into spiritual and philosophical knowledge comprehended and assembled since antiquity.

The pursuit results in the sharing of that knowledge along with the submission of intuitive and stimulating thoughts, interpretations, perceptions, and views by an ordinary observer belonging to the Hindu faith.

Hinduism is not merely a religion or as the cliche goes: “a way of life.” It is a multi-disciplinary academy as well. Confining it to an immovable status of being religion alone is to barricade it from its inherent evolution. Hinduism is an ocean of knowledge and philosophies that stimulates the thought that there is more to experience beyond “the way of life.”

A two-fold approach has been made in this presentation. One is to expose the liberal, progressive and secular nature and constitution of Hinduism. And the other one is to introduce rational and empirical interpretations of philosophies and numinous concepts comprising the multi-facet structure of the faith.

In its liberal setup, the acceptance of Hindu doctrines and practices is based more on logical and discerning strengths rather than observable rituals and customs.

My hitherto sketchy knowledge about Hinduism has actually been a boon as the naive attempt was not influenced by established notions, convictions, and sentiments. An intuitive feeling of intellectual diversities in its spiritual philosophies has been the motivating factor to immerse me in the study of Hinduism.

The writing of the various aspects of Hinduism was simultaneous with the study and exploration of Hinduism. Gathering of knowledge about Hinduism leads to other related faculties as well which helped in the critical understanding of the religion.

It has been a voyage that generated new thoughts and views both in the expansion of knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge.

Hinduism is a democracy of conflicting, contradicting and controversial thoughts and theories. It is a recognition of diverse, secular and mature philosophies. The religiosity has brought forth a treasure of obsolete, contemporary and topical hypothesis.

The Hindu theology is praxis for stimulating and contemplating disciplines in spiritual environs. The inherent dynamics in Hinduism have produced flexible, resilient and firm ideologies along with rationales, metaphysical observations and mystical beliefs.

Hinduism is also a celebration of rituals, customs, traditions, yoga, meditation, arts and music.



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