Let Us Pray For Nation First

A very rational and convincing argumentation about this non-sense waste of tons of money accumulating in the religious places, seldom used, but often misused. The rituals of mass immersion of murtis indeed pollute the waters. This article is in the spirit of progressive thoughts for evolution in our religious rituals, customs, and traditions.

Unstoppable After Seventy

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DASARA FESTIVE SEASON is here. The Indian populace is in the grip of a devotional frenzy. The Ganesha festival season has just ended and idols of the elephant-headed God, costig of millions of rupees, have been just immersed in rivers, tanks and sea, throwing along with them tonnes of flowers, plastic and polluting material.

And now the Durga idols will be immersed. It may take till next Ganesha season to clean up all the beaches, river banks and tanks – and the pollution will occur again.

Thousands of crores of rupees are offered in ALL places of worship daily. There are many lakhs of them in the country. In Tirupati, the offerings often cross a crore per day, with some presenting diamond-studded crowns or other ornaments or bundles of currency notes.

It is not in Hindu places of worship alone that offerings are made, though…

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  1. I seriously do not understand this attitude of “why not spend this in that way.” When a person spends 500rupees on pizza, on movies, on different jeans, clothes, decors, etc., Are they thinking of cutting it down to 100rupees and saving 400 to help people around? Even the NGO s which does these, have big office spaces, working people having jewellery and other decorative items, etc. My point is everyone has more than what is necessary. Why not start there first? Aiming at temples, and more recently a debate on investing in space explorations, etc., Shows a lack of harmonious thinking. A systematic analysis needs to be made before embarking on criticising such mass involved structures of society.

    Infact, take plastic. Every thing we buy involves plastic – atta, rice, water, flour,etc. Is it required? Can’t people just take their cans to store? The luxury costs more than money – it costs to environment. Whereas, the money to themes and stuff goes as TAX to gov and to social development activities at the least. I seriously doubt the author of that blog follows this line of thought. A grand idea of nation first and religion next is different from asking to put funds in the way he sees it fit, which is only relative! Everything needs a harmonious approach – means balance and proper way to treat.

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      1. Infact, I want to add comicons, Galas, concerts, fests, movies, everything costs far too great than what an average devotee pays in temple. SOME dwell in liquor that costs thousands, in cars that exceed income of a temple of Tirupati, in marriages that can feed millions. Now, there is no struggle or even a blot of comment on these things. Why target temples or religion? It has become a fashion to do so. I seriously ask that author if they have really tried to live sustainably before embarking on those suggestions. If so, then I would consider giving a second thought again with different outlook. If not, why spend time listen to those who themselves are not following the core of what they preach?!

        What do you think?

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  2. Promod Puri says:

    Sorry, I don’t agree with your line of argumentation, which does not make ‘harmonious thinking’. True, there is quite an extravaganza in society’s spending including the huge budgets we have on military spendings all over the world, and there is no end to listing all the wasteful expenses at a personal level. But when temples or any religious places have incomes and accumulation of wealth far exceeding their managing and maintenance needs, the faith in such institutions is impacted. That is my concern when a religious place becomes a target of criticism based on its acquired wealth thru donations.

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  3. For me, its either all problem or no problem, but we are all on a path to futuristic equilibrium. Targetting one element seems a narrow view. There is truth and inf act grand idea in what you said. But unfortunately, the theme is a thousand hooded snake in form of many subtle and finer forms in society. The nexus is deep. Solution is not by targeting what seems vivid, but targeting root core, which is human nature (which again is another topic). That was my point. See how politicians argue in a parliament by showing mistakes of eachother? What was the outcome? a 50 year delayed development. I always favor constructive ideas as a whole than to criticize a minor group of elements. Tirupati, for example, gets money, not by demand, but by free will of public. Now, they do pay lump some taxes which goes to GOV (churches and others do not pay taxes I guess). In a way, they contribute to social welfare. How they use, is what we should concentrate and suggest them and influence them if we are solid in our goals. Not to criticize religion and the way of free will of people. That is a wrong direction overall, I feel!

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