by Promod Puri

Indeed, it is in danger because a Muslim boy entered a temple premises to quench his thirst from a water tap inside.

A Hindu-Muslim couple travels together on a train.

A Muslim girl is in love with a Hindu boy and marries him.

A Muslim man marries four women to produce more Muslims.

And that would overtake the Hindu population sooner than later.

The goat meat dish from a Muslim home smells and tastes like beef.

The demolition of Babri Masjid was not enough.

Muslim refugees are not going back to Bangladesh or Myanmar.

Muslims do not always say “Jai Shri Ram” till forced to say so.

Muslims do not follow the street goons’ command of “go to Pakistan.”

The azan, the prayer call of Muslims, is too loud.

In this toolkit, “Hindu Khatre Main Hai.”

And this brand of Hinduism, aka Hindutva, is in “danger.”

“Jai Shri Ram.”

(Disclaimer: This is a satire only)

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  1. That’s a lot of information, i didn’t know that much. Thanks for your information. Excellent work sir. Keep going.
    By the way, I have site also related to the same niche – https://sanatancharacters.blogspot.com So plz check the post and let me know you like that or not.

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