That is a big puzzle that confronts us once in a while.

The question does not relate to our standing or relevance in society.

Nor does it search for an identity amid people. Or in the company of living and non-living environments, the universe, and the celestial world.

It is just establishing and developing the authenticity of Self.

It is an earnest attempt to find life under the true Self, personal values rather than assigned by external demands of society.

The exercise involves discarding the false Self that reflects our behaviour as perceived by others. In this exploration, we may see that the self-image created was false or fake to please others.

The authenticity concept arises from the insight that human beings generally live or exist in an inauthentic way.

Social relationships, cultural values, and norms construct an inauthentic Self. The recovery of the authentic Self requires a radical reexamination of cultural contexts, habitual lifestyles, and ways of thinking. It also involves a positive progression of authenticity across time.

Authenticity is a feeling that develops with its persuasive use; being true to Self and seeking what is morally good help create sincere and natural authenticity of Self.

-by Promod Puri

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