Seeking Evolution In Religions:

Rituals, customs, and traditions provide a bulk of false identity to a religion. If these are detached from all the religions, then we can see fundamentals of moral and righteous teachings are the same in each of them.

Pathways to divinity are infused with words of morality and ethics, principles, and noble deeds. While overly dominating in the institution of religion, many meaningless and vague rituals and customs create potholes in these pathways. And followers of religions often get holed up in potholes.

From the mass availability of knowledge and independent learning thru the Internet, Google, and other media, critical thinking can be gathered to review these ritualistic values in our religious orders.

In this debut exercise, one can see the oneness of our religions in their philosophies and messages.

This could be a spiritually enlightened movement at the personal level, which may catch up and impact institutional practices. We seek a logical objective that can get us to the sameness of all the world religions but still with linguistically and culturally diverse names, like God’s.

Promod Puri


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