Gillian Hancock

“Hinduism” by Promod Puri is a must-read for anyone studying, or interested in, the topic of Hinduism. It is very engaging and the author writes with great knowledge and passion as he takes on certain aspects of Hinduism in a way I’ve never read before, and I was so impressed with the depth of Puri’s detailing on his reports and the way he is able to explain so much about Hinduism that I didn’t even know. At times I did feel it could have used some trimming down as it felt a bit repetitive and lacked some focusing, and the formatting made it hard to read occasionally (all left-justified block text – could have benefitted from more white space, visually). But that said, I did enjoy it very much, and learned a lot – even more than I expected. I liked how Mr. Puri writes, very down-to-earth and relatable, yet very intelligent and entertaining. And all in all was an enjoyable, and very important type of read.