Unlike some other religious orders, Hinduism does not have a centralized controlling authority to guide or to safeguard its values. Without any governing body, Hinduism over the centuries developed the “parmpara”(tradition) of establishing the institution of independent gurus, ‘swamis’ and ‘babas.’ However, looking at the disgraceful conduct of many of these so-called god’s men and women in recent times, it seems to be imperative that Hinduism can have some sort of a watchdog body to keep the sanctity of the religion.


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  1. Very well observed Sir and such an eyesore with those fake Gurus hijacking Hinduism to give a wrong picture.

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  2. Promod Puri says:

    The shocking fact is none of the Hindu institutions and many revered gurus are always mum on the ever increase of fake gurus. Is it professional courtesy?


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