Unlike some other religious orders, Hinduism does not have a centralized controlling authority to guide or to safeguard its values. Without any governing body, Hinduism over the centuries developed the “parmpara”(tradition) of establishing the institution of independent gurus, ‘swamis’ and ‘babas.’ However, looking at the disgraceful conduct of many of these so-called god’s men and women in recent times, it seems to be imperative that Hinduism can have some sort of a watchdog body to keep the sanctity of the religion.

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  1. Very well observed Sir and such an eyesore with those fake Gurus hijacking Hinduism to give a wrong picture.

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  2. Promod Puri says:

    The shocking fact is none of the Hindu institutions and many revered gurus are always mum on the ever increase of fake gurus. Is it professional courtesy?

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    1. Haha funny way to put it!

      In my opinion: This is actually a law of nature. From one original many fake and duplicates originate. But the existence of a duplicate entity is a sure suggestion for the existence of REAL entity because, without the real, a fake can not be expressed. The silence of the revered gurus is not because of professional courtesy, but they know a karmic chain of events have to happen. Scriptures, specially Upanishads, suggest that depending on a student, a GURU is begotten by them. So, if people want easy lives without hardwork (like with just a blessing, they want their family to be rich or pass an exam, etc.) imply how low in human evolution their thought is. Such people will beget such GURUS who cheat them and steal their money, for example. It is inevitable. But only through these dark acts, can a soul evolve further! So, commenting on fake gurus will only create more ripples of thoughts in existing minds. That is why most of TRUE ones are silent and observant, and they guide those who are ready to truly lead the life!

      That is why we are asked in almost all scriptures to NOT pursue the guru. A guru will come to us depending on our earnest life that we lead and we will know if he is right for us or not by the incidents through which the guru (may be book or a person or a life lesson) comes!

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  3. Promod Puri says:

    Thanks for your very thoughtful comments about the adoption of gurus. And in that process when fake gurus infiltrate the sacred institution of a religious order that the naive and innocent disciples suffer. In the latter category I agree some “want easy lives, like blessings….”
    Very true when you say a guru will come to those who earnestly seek, and that need not be a physical entity.
    Your comments are in the true spirit of my blog Progressive Hindu Dialogue.

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